Algaida, the traditional village of Mallorca

In this first article about the villages of the Pla de Mallorca, we are going to talk about Algaida, a municipality to which we are closely linked, both for our family origins and for being the municipality where Treurer is located.

General information about Algaida

Algaida is a municipality of Mallorca that includes three urban centers: Algaida, Randa and Pina. The municipality covers an area of 87km2 and has a total population of about 6,000 inhabitants.

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There are remains of settlements from the pre-Talayotic period in Mallorca, and from the Muslim period there are two farmhouses dedicated to agriculture that already received the name of Algaida, which means forest in Arabic.

With the conquest of Mallorca by James I of Aragon, most of the territory remained in the hands of the royal house, being built a church that received the name of Castellitx de la Pau and that gave name to the current territory of Algaida, until in the fifteenth century became the current name.

Why Algaida is well known

Algaida is located in the center of Mallorca. It is a quiet municipality, with the charm of the rural world and a charming and almost exclusive landscape in some areas. Its situation makes it the ideal place as a base camp to start excursions all over the island.   

The traditional dance of the Cossiers is very popular among the inhabitants of Mallorca, as well as visitors to the island.

Another very popular and deep-rooted tradition is that of Els Dimonis, so much so, that one of the restaurants that was one of the most popular in Mallorca of traditional food for many years, received the name of Ca’l Dimoni.

Algaida has, in addition to the restaurant Ca’l Demoni, other establishments representative of the traditional Mallorcan gastronomy, which makes inhabitants of the capital and other parts of the island, come on weekends for their family reunions and celebrations.

Algaida has many attractions linked to nature, history and traditions.

In this article we talk about four excursions that you can do taking Algaida as a starting point.

Puig de Randa

In this mountain, known as the Magic Mountain, there are three sanctuaries, which can give us an idea of its spirituality and center of positive energy. Not in vain was it the place chosen by Ramon Llull, illustrious man of his time and great Mallorcan writer, as a place of retreat.

Cura Sanctuary

Cura is the second most important sanctuary in Mallorca after the Monastery of Lluc. An essential place to visit during your stay in Algaida, the views that can be seen from up there to the Pla de Mallorca, the Serra de Tamuntana and even the archipelago of Cabrera, are a real privilege.

In this link we talk in more detail about the excursion to the Sanctuary of Cura.

The mills of Algaida

In the municipality of Algaida you can find up to seventeen windmills, which makes this municipality one of those with the largest number of this type of building in Mallorca.

Windmills were used, not so long ago, to move machinery; generally to extract water from the subsoil to irrigate the fields .

Gordiola Glass Factory

In this factory glass has been produced in an artisan way since the 18th century. From its beginnings to the present day, the Gordiola family has manufactured high quality pieces using traditional methods, being a glass known in different parts of the world.

The houses of Punxuat

Located on the road of the same name, about 5 km from Algaida, the houses of Punxuat stand out from the road for its medieval defense tower. Attached to these is the chapel of the same name, which currently serves as a wine cellar.

Talaiots, graves from the Neolithic period and Roman and early Christian remains tell us about the intense past of its inhabitants.

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Where to eat

Algaida is a gastronomic center of typical Mallorcan cuisine, a place of reference both for the Mallorcans themselves and for visitors to the island who are looking for a varied and quality offer. Here are some of the restaurants that can be found here.

Restaurant S’Hostal d’Algaida.

Open since 1961, and following the tradition, the Majorcan cuisine is the specialty of this restaurant. They are known its Majorcan sopes, its tumbet, its pa amb oli, its frito mallorquín, its snails, porcella and many other dishes. The food is complemented by typical desserts such as ensaïmada.

Sa Casa Mallorquina, Algaida.

If you are looking for something different and novel, Sa Casa Mallorquina can be a good place to enjoy a succulent Italian food elaborated with Mallorcan products, where creativity is the main protagonist of its dishes.

Where to stay

Treurer Agritourism

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If you want to know more about our project, you can do it here.

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Markets and fairs

Weekly market

On Fridays, between 8:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., you can visit the market. It is a traditional Mallorcan market where you will find fruit, vegetables, sausages, spices, textiles and handicrafts. In this article we will tell you more about all the markets of the Pla de Mallorca.

Algaida Fair

The annual fair of Algaida is held during the month of October. The Saturday before the feast of St. Luke, October 18, is when it takes place. The Mostra Gastronómica and as its name indicates, it is a gastronomic event that takes place in parallel to the annual fair.


Undoubtedly, gastronomic products and handicrafts are the most interesting products you can find in Algaida.

Oli Treurer

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Sant Honorat

The town’s main festival is celebrated on January 16th in honor of Saint Honorat, to whom one of the three sanctuaries of Puig de Randa is dedicated.

During these festivities, the Cossiers dance in honor of the patron saint, accompanied by a group of musicians formed by a flabiol and a tamborí.

A Cossier is a dancer who accompanied the religious processions. In Algaida, the group of Cossiers is formed by six dancers, a lady and the devil.

Sant Jaume festivities

It is traditional that in all the towns of Mallorca there are two festivals: winter and summer. In Algaida, the summer festivities are held in honor of Sant Jaume. It is a festival in which outdoor activities take place in the village,

This is the second time that the Cossiers dance in public, both on July 24th and 25th.

Sports to practice in Algaida

Algaida is a perfect area for cycling, as it is a flat area with third level roads and little traffic.

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