Private visit to our olive farm

The visit to our farm is an activity that combines fun and learning will be perfect to surprise you and leave an indelible memory of your visit to the island. A memory of an activity that enriches your cultural background and that has a practical application in everyday life, so it will last much longer after your return.

The private visit to our farm is fully customizable. The group can choose day and time, duration (the usual average duration is between 1.5h.-2h.h.), activities to be performed and the type of product consumption that the group wishes to carry out.


A visit tailored to your needs

A visit to our facilities offers the possibility to know in depth the cultivation of the olive tree, the olive harvesting and the oil production process.

Visitors will be able to recognize the characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil and the health benefits of its consumption. They will taste dishes of Mallorcan cuisine, part of the Mediterranean cuisine, linked to our oil.

The visit is customizable according to the interests of visitors.

How many people can make up a group?

There is no minimum or maximum for the realization of a particular visit to the farm.

What is the cost of the visit?

As it is a customizable activity, the cost varies depending on its design.

Contact us through the form on this page and we can give you details and the cost of the visit.

When can you visit the farm?

Any day. We will adapt the schedule to the needs and characteristics of the group.

In what languages is the visit conducted?

In English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan. It can be done in several languages at the same time if people of different origins coincide.

Who is the tour suitable for?

Oleotourism is especially suitable for people interested in the Mediterranean diet, in the world of olive oil and, in general, in the history and the products of the land of Mallorca.

Other topics

Parking available on the estate itself.

The visit is not suitable for people with reduced mobility problems due to the irregular terrain and the existing unevenness.

Contact us to prepare for your visit

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