The surroundings of our hotel

Agroturismo en Mallorca, Algaida

The surroundings of our hotel

The Treurer Finca-Hotel is located on one of the slopes that shows directly to the Randa Valley and the Puig of the same name with its three monasteries.

It is an agricultural and forest environment. Tranquillity, silence and the sounds of nature are our day to day.


Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. Its fine sandy beaches, its mild climate, its Mediterranean gastronomy and its own culture that preserves centuries-old traditions, make our island every year an attractive destination for millions of tourists.


Algaida is located in the center of Mallorca. It is a quiet municipality, with the charm of the rural world and a charming and almost exclusive landscape in some areas. Its location makes it the ideal place as a base camp to start excursions throughout the island.

La finca

The agrotourism is located on a 235,000 m2 agricultural estate in Algaida. A little more than half of it is occupied by an olive grove, which produces excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Archaeological remains located on the farm bear witness to its exploitation already during the Muslim occupation of the island.

Algaida and Pla de Mallorca

Raixa Gardens, Majorca

Finca Raixa

Finca Raixa has seen counts, cardinals and nobles pass through its lands, each of them leaving their mark on the estate through renovations and reforms that have shaped its appearance to the present day.

mallorca, en Junio, Torre de

Mallorca in June

Mallorca in June is synonymous with celebrations and traditions, with events that attract both locals and visitors: St. John’s Night, Potato Fair in Sa Pobla, etc.

Caves of Campanet

Caves of Campanet

The Campanet Caves maintain an air of authenticity and tranquility, offering an intimate and reflective experience.

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