Discover a new cuisine based on extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil, the gourmet element

Many might be aware of the health benefits coming from the extra virgin olive oil, but the elegance of this product makes it a gourmet element in your kitchen.

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Extra virgin olive oil box of 6 Bottles

Box of 6 bottles of Treurer extra virgin olive oil

Box of 6 units. 500ml.
Treurer extra virgin olive oil is an oil from the Arbequina variety of olives, balanced, with moderate fruity, slightly spicy as well as bitter.

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Extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen

What does ‘organoleptic properties’ mean?

They are the physical properties a product has when perceived through the senses: flavour, texture, colour or temperature. These properties are defined and scored during tastings or sensory analysis.

As we have previously commented, we don’t need to be a professional taster to be able to recognize an olive oil of high quality through taste and smell when this is used with other foods or on top of a simple slice of bread that we could use in order to do the tasting.

Is the flavour of an extra virgin olive oil different from a refined oil?

Of course it is! Anyone who has tried a pata negra ham and compared it to a low quality Serrano ham will never forget both flavours. You will be able to tell their differences in the future with no need to compare them again.

Likewise, whoever tastes a quality olive oil will never forget its unique flavour. So, why don’t you try it? Although, be aware that once you try a high quality extra virgin olive oil it would be hard for you to go back and use another one!

What does ‘first harvest or early harvest olive oil’ mean?

When olives are early collected, i.e. at the beginning of October, and they are picked up at their optimum point (just before they’re ripe) is when we talk about the first harvest olive oil.

This is the moment when the fruit colour is more powerful, its flavour more intense as well as aromatic and its texture more creamy. Additionally, these olives are high in polyphenols, i.e. natural antioxidants that protect against aging and cancer cells appearance.

While in its production has a lower performance, approximately 50% compared to the usual harvest, its performance in the kitchen is higher, since its aromas and flavours are concentrated.

The proper use of extra virgin olive oil

Some people will tell you that this oil should be used raw, not for cooking. But, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this olive oil is the best oil for frying, since it holds its chemical structure up to 180º of temperature.

Although you need to bear in mind that when subjected to higher temperatures, it might loose some of the properties that make it so interesting for our health in the first place.

Extra virgin olive oil of Arbequina variety

The Arbequina variety extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a moderate fruity taste in harmony with a slight bitterness and a mild spicy touch. Notes of green tomato, apple and even banana can be perceived. These features mean that Arbequina oil can have all kinds of uses in the kitchen, for instance:

  • When raw, it’s essential to use it in salads, and to garnish all kinds of cheeses.
  • When used as a final seasoning in pasta, meat, fish or vegetables, it helps to enhance the flavours of these dishes.
  • In soups, creams and purees, it can be used both during their preparation and to garnish.
  • Due to its balanced flavour, it can be used in the preparation of marinades and sauces.
  • Since it holds its properties even at high temperatures, it’s perfect for frying and sautéing food.
  • In baking, the Arbequina variety olive oil is a perfect substitute for butter.
  • It can also be used for: doughs, breads, empanadas, rice, preservation methods, pickling brines, etc.

The olive oil tasting

 This is the moment where the oil must put its organoleptic properties to the test. The tasting process determines when our oil becomes extra virgin olive oil.

The rite of tasting

Joan Miralles and Miquel Miralles, owners – Pere Miralles, agronomist engineer

Olive Fruit basket


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Mushroom risotto with olive oil

Mushroom risotto with olive oil

El risotto de setas al aceite de oliva es un plato rico y cremoso que atrapa los sabores profundos y terrosos de las setas, complementados por la riqueza y suavidad del aceite de oliva virgen extra.

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Trampó dish, Mallorcan salad

Recipe of Mallorcan trampó salad

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The correct preservation of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil, like all fats, must be stored in adequate conditions for its preservation. For this, it’s necessary to maintain its thermal stability, i.e. it’s essential to keep it away from the stove, as well as to keep it in a place with average temperatures without oscillations.

opaque oil bottle

Many of the oils you’ll find, like ours, are bottled in opaque containers. This is precisely to avoid the light damaging the product by subjecting it to chemical changes that we don’t want to happen.

Hermetic cap for oil bottle

Keeping it in an airtight container that doesn’t allow contact with air is also essential to avoid oxidation.

Oil bottle expiration

Finally, check the best before date because, although they tend to last long periods of time, oil, like almost all natural products, slowly loses its properties.

The olive oil culture

The pure flavour of olive oil

Aceite de oliva prensado en frio

Cold pressed olive oil

In the production of cold-pressed olive oil, the olives are pressed at a temperature not exceeding 27 °C (80.6 °F), which ensures that the oil does not lose its organoleptic characteristics, such as aroma and flavor.

Trampó dish, Mallorcan salad

Recipe of Mallorcan trampó salad

Trampó salad is one of the most popular salads in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. It is simple but delicious, and is a perfect accompaniment to any main dish.

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The Mallorcan ensaimada

The Mallorcan ensaimada is one of the best known and most representative sweets of the island of Mallorca. Plain, angel hair, custard, cream, figs or slices, there is an ensaimada for every time of the year.

Sobrasada mallorquina en Mercados de Mallorca

Markets of Pla de Mallorca

The markets of Mallorca are one of the biggest attractions for those who visit our villages, as they are able to acquire traditional agricultural products.

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