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Agroturismo en Mallorca, Algaida

Experiences based on extra virgin olive oil

At Treurer the day begins with a great breakfast, on the terrace and in the morning sunlight. We offer you a wide variety of coffees and teas, together with fresh and local products, both hot and cold. And if you prefer, you can also have breakfast in your room.

In addition, several days a week we offer alfresco dinners with quality, locally sourced, seasonal products. The preparation of the food is carried out by a chef of recognized prestige, and is accompanied by Mallorcan wines. You can reserve these dinners when you arrive at our hotel.

Our experiencies

Open-air dinners are an important part of the Finca Treurer experience. On the terrace, overlooking the olive groves and the surrounding landscape, guests can enjoy the exquisite creations by Chef José Cortés. The mission of this renowned chef is to bring the authentic flavours of Mallorca to the table, using fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients.

José Cortés has reputation on a cuisine that respects tradition while daring to innovate. His dishes are a true celebration of Mediterranean flavours, and Treurer’s extra virgin olive oil, with its unique aroma and flavour, plays a leading role in many of his recipes.

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Treurer Flavours

On Tuesdays, as the sun sets, Finca Treurer opens its doors for a unique experience that combines tradition, flavour, and culture in an incomparable setting. Under the name “Treurer Flavors,” this event starts at 7:00 PM, offering his guests an evening that begins with a guided tour through the Finca and culminates in an exceptional gastronomic night.

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Treurer Mediterranean BBQ Night

The “Treurer Mediterranean BBQ Night” at Finca Treurer is an experience that reinvents tradition. It starts promptly at 7:00 PM with a stroll through the stunning olive grove of the Finca. Here, in a landscape where the green of the olive trees intertwines with the blue of the sky, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the culture of the island and its love for the countryside.

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Treurer Olive Oil Night

Saturday dinner at Finca Treurer is a celebration of the unique flavours and aromas of our extra virgin olive oil. The experience begins at 7:00 PM, with the sunset painting the sky in vibrant colours and the lights of the estate starting to shine.


It’s a day for you. That’s why we want everything to be designed and dedicated just for you.

We will exclusively reserve our agritourism so that you can share the previous days with your family and friends. Enjoy it as if it were your own home! A minibus will take your guests on excursions around the island while our chef prepares gastronomic proposals based on extra virgin olive oil that will surprise them.

If you prefer to relax, you can do so in the infinity pool or take a stroll through our estate at sunset.

And, on the day of the event, everything will be ready to be perfect. Whether it takes place during the day or at night, the Randa Valley is waiting for you to light it up with your smile.

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Are you planning to travel to Mallorca? We would like to meet you! Come visit us and make the complete tour around our farm at no cost (free admission for 2 adults, prior booking required).

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