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Visits for groups accompanied by tourism professionals

One of the activities that breaks up our day-to-day life, and which gives us special satisfaction, is receiving groups of visitors accompanied by a tourism professional. The knowledge of the tourism professional perfectly complements our visit and gives us the opportunity to make the most of it.

If you organise activities for a TT.OO. or a DMC or professionally accompany groups of travellers, Treurer helps you to leave an indelible memory of their visit to Mallorca.

The visit that will make your agency’s outing unforgettable

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A unique, authentic and personalised activity for your group

In every tourist area there are attractions that visitors should not miss, those that attract the largest number of tourists. But there are also unknown treasures that are the expression of authenticity and explain the way of life of their inhabitants.

Mallorca is no stranger to it. Its history, beaches and landscapes dazzle newcomers. However, if your customers want to get to know the real spirit of the place, you will find for them small places that keep the Mediterranean spirit intact.

Treurer cultivates the traditional variety of olives in this part of the Mediterranean, with improved traditional techniques, and extracts from them the olive juice, which we also call oil. A visit to our farm creates a strong bond between the visitor and the place. At the end of the visit, the visitor feels exhilarated and imbued with the Mediterranean spirit.


What does a visit to our farm consist of?

Although the visit is fully customisable according to the interests of the group, our initial proposal includes

Welcome by a member of the producer family and accompaniment during the tour.

Explanation of the characteristics of the olive grove and the processes of harvesting and pressing the olives for the production of the oil.

Extra virgin olive oil tasting.

Visit to the oil mill* and bottling area.

Tasting of various Mallorcan dishes linked to olive oil while we get to know the Mallorcan traditions of the “payesía”.

* Availability planned for September 2022.

How long does the visit last?

Between 1.5 and 2 hours.

When can I visit the farm?

All days are open for tourism professionals. Contact us to confirm a suitable day and time for your group.

In which languages is the visit conducted?

In English, German, French, Spanish and Catalan of the visitors’ choice. If the group speaks a different language, we will make the visit unforgettable with your help.

For whom is the visit indicated?

Olive oil tourism is particularly suitable for people interested in the Mediterranean diet, in the world of olive oil and, in general, in the history and products of the land of Mallorca.

Other topics

Parking is available on the estate itself.

The visit is not suitable for people with reduced mobility due to the unevenness of the terrain and the existing slopes.

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