Finca for events in Mallorca

Your wedding in Mallorca, unforgettable

Finca for events in Mallorca

A special place that all the people who attend your event will remember for sure. Elegance, originality and a lot of love in the details.

Everything in our finca is designed to guarantee that your marriage is unique. How many people do you know who have married in an olive grove? The authenticity that the environment offers will make the event unforgettable.

We reserve our Finca-Hotel exclusively so that you can share the previous days with your family and friends. Enjoy it as if it were your home!

Surprise your guests by offering them to visit our spectacular island the previous days while your wedding preparations are being made.

Two gastronomic proposals for a unique event

We adapt to your preferences so that your wedding is to your complete satisfaction. We offer you two different options to prepare your banquet.

Finca bodas Mallorca chef

Our chef

If you wish, our chef will help you to design the gastronomic proposal for your wedding reception.

The dishes will be cooked at Treurer’s own facilities the same day of the event.

Finca para bodas en Mallorca


And, if you prefer, a catering company carries out the design and deployment of the wedding banquet.

A special place that all your event attendees will remember. Elegance, originality and a lot of attention to detail.

Shall we talk about your event?

Our spaces for your event

The Finca Treurer has large spaces to accommodate up to 70 guests.


Our facilities for events are the Hotel and the viewpoint towards the Randa Valley; a first auxiliary house, for the kitchen and a second auxiliary house, of about 100m2, perfect for continuing the party after the event.

Next to the auxiliary houses we find an ideal open space to offer the banquet.

For those guests who wish to come with their own vehicle, we have private parking inside the estate.

Finca para bodas en Mallorca
Finca exclusiva para bodas en Mallorca
Finca para bodas en Mallorca
Finca para bodas en Mallorca
Finca para bodas en Mallorca
Finca para bodas en Mallorca

Treurer Circle

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Being a member of the Treurer Club will give you access to the exclusive sale of "novell oil" during the month of November.

Are you planning to travel to Mallorca? We would like to meet you! Come visit us and make the complete tour around our farm at no cost (free admission for 2 adults, prior booking required).

Membership requirements

You can belong to our circle, by meeting two simple conditions:

Have purchased at least two boxes of product in the last 12 months.

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