Extra virgin olive oil from Mallorca

The secret of the extra virgin olive oil in Mallorca

Our farm. Our family. Our history.

In a place where family means everything, Joan Miralles followed a dream after which his closest relatives aligned too –turning an old property into a sustainable olive grove which was also integrated into the landscape and ancestral Mallorcan culture. In an age of technology and ethereal services, Joan wanted to undertake a tangible project, generating a product that would provide health, well-being and joyful moments.

Iberoleum Award Best Medium Intensity Olive Oil Spain

Mallorca oil (Oli de Mallorca)

In Mallorca the olive tree presence is ancient. These trees, imported by Phoenicians and Greeks
from the Eastern Mediterranean, adapted perfectly to our land and, over time, they developed in new varieties different from the original ones.

Mallorca olive oil has been exported since time immemorial. Well-loved for its features, which come from the island’s insularity as well as its orography and climatology, this oil has been food for peasants and noblemen, accompanying any dish and delighting palates, whether it was soaking a simple slice of bread, or as part of the most complex recipes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Treurer in your house

Extra virgin olive oil box of 6 Bottles

Box of 6 bottles of Treurer extra virgin olive oil

Box of 6 units. 500ml.
Treurer extra virgin olive oil is an oil from the Arbequina variety of olives, balanced, with moderate fruity, slightly spicy as well as bitter.

We want you to stay young and healthy. That is why we offer you a € 25 shipping per order, regardless the amount of boxes and their destination (only applicable in Europe). For shipments to UK, the cost will be 25€ and 120€ to the USA, also regardless of the number of boxes purchased. If the delivery is made in Spain, this cost will be 10€.

Treurer Hotel

Agroturismo en Mallorca, Algaida

For years, we had the illusion of expanding our project as oil producers and sharing a complete experience in oleotourism with all our visitors.

For this reason, we have designed a small hotel placed in the original houses of the property. Olive oil lovers who stay in this boutique hotel will be able not only to visit our beautiful island, Mallorca, but also to experience first-hand the incredible olive oil world and its interesting know-how.

Our small hotel offers 8 rooms built and decorated in the Mediterranean style of Mallorca.

The comfort of the rooms has been studied in detail to favor the rest of our guests.

A place to rest

Our Finca-Hotel is located in an extensive natural environment with olive and vineyard crops and the Mediterranean forest.

Only the distant sound of the activities of caring for the fields sporadically breaks the silence.

A place to experience the complete EVOO experience

Lovers of good food and those for whom health is a leitmotiv, will appreciate the immersive experience in the world of extra virgin olive oil.

Our guests will learn about the care of the olive trees, the process of obtaining the juice in the mill and the bottling process, the different types of olive oil and how to recognize a quality olive oil.

A place to live the interior of Mallorca

Algaida, where our finca is located, continues to be a village with a strong Majorcan character.

Their families preserve the language and the ancestral traditions that have been transmitted from generation to generation.

Although it is 20 minutes from the capital, it maintains an economic structure based on agriculture and small businesses.

Experiencia total con Aceite de Oliva Virgen extra

The olive oil experience

The number of people who want to know more about the world of extra virgin olive oil is growing. The interest in the cultivation, harvesting and extraction processes of the olive juice in the mill has a connection with the growing interest in its benefits for our health and our kitchen.

The oleic experience has to be lived with all senses. For this reason, we offer an inclusive experience to our visitors, which includes a visit to the fields and the oil mill, the exhibition of the cultivation and extraction processes, and the tasting of our olive oil paired with some representative products of our cuisine.

Scheduled visit to the farm

The visit to our farm transmits, to those who visit us, the history, culture and traditions of the Mallorcan country through the cultivation of olive oil. We have prepared our facilities so that the reception and stay of our guests are perfect, both in the programming of activities and in the times and forms.

Private visit to the farm

We will carry out the visit to the farm including the same activities as in the case of the scheduled visit, but with the privacy you want. In addition, you can choose the day and time you want to do it.

Tours for groups accompanied by tourism professionals

This tour is specially designed for groups of visitors accompanied by tourism professionals: DMC’s, tour operators and tour guides, designing the experience for the characteristics of the group.

If as a tourism professional you want to offer your clients a unique experience in Mallorca, you are in the right place.

Hotel ideal para Bodas en Mallorca


It is your day. Therefore, we want everything to be designed and dedicated just for you.

We will reserve our agrotourism exclusively so that you can share the previous days with your family and friends. Enjoy it as if it were your own home! A minibus will take your guests to excursions throughout the whole island while our chef prepares gastronomic proposals based on extra virgin olive oil that will surprise them.

If you prefer to relax, you can do so in the infinity pool or having a walk around our finca at sunset.

And, on the day of the event, everything will be ready to make it perfect. Whether it is celebrated during the day or at night, the Randa Valley expects that you light it up with your smile.

Majorcan products

The main Mallorcan products, from the producer to your table

Box of 6 bottles of 500 ml. EVOO

Finca Olive Oil, extra virgin olive oil made 100% from the Arbequina variety, exclusively with olives from our own finca.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina 250 ml.

Finca Olive Oil, extra virgin olive oil made 100% from the Arbequina variety, exclusively with olives from our own finca.

Olive oil culture

Extra virgin olive oil is a symbol of our lifestyle expressing wealth, tranquillity and good times. A day to day ingredient in our cuisine that has proven its value and which we long when we don’t have it within our reach.

Raixa Gardens, Majorca

Finca Raixa

Finca Raixa has seen counts, cardinals and nobles pass through its lands, each of them leaving their mark on the estate through renovations and reforms that have shaped its appearance to the present day.


A small space for you to get to know us better. The main news about our farm and our agrotourism.

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