Festa de’s Vermar, the great wine festival in Mallorca

Every September, the town of Binissalem dresses up to celebrate the Festa de’s Vermar, an event that marks the culmination of the grape harvest season in one of the most emblematic corners of Mallorca. This festivity not only celebrates the grape harvest, but also becomes a vibrant showcase of the wine culture and traditions that have defined this region for generations.

Binissalem, renowned for its fertile vineyards and high-quality wine production, attracts visitors from all over the island and beyond to enjoy a range of activities that intertwine the recreational with the cultural. From grape-stomping competitions to themed parades and wine tastings, the Festa de’s Vermar is an experience that allows participants to immerse themselves in the true essence of Mallorcan viticulture.

Beyond its cultural significance, the festival is an important pillar for the local community, fostering cohesion and pride in the wine heritage. It is a time of reunion, celebration and recognition of the hard work of the winegrowers who, through their efforts, continue the tradition of transforming grapes into wine.

La Festa de’s Vermar not only offers fun and entertainment; it is an educational opportunity that gives visitors an in-depth look at the history and winemaking techniques that have made Binissalem a benchmark in the world of wine. This introduction to the festival paves the way for further exploration of the events, flavours and traditions that make this event an unmissable date on Mallorca’s cultural calendar.

Binissalem, venue for the celebration of the Festa de's Vermar

Key facts about the Festa de’s Vermar

The festival is typically held at the end of September, coinciding with the end of the grape harvest season, although the exact dates may vary slightly each year depending on the agricultural cycle.

It is advisable to consult the official calendar of the event, available on the Binissalem Town Hall website or at the local tourist office, for precise information on this year’s dates.

Specific location of the main events within Binissalem

  • Church Square: This is where the traditional Grape Stomper Competition takes place, where local teams and guests compete in a test of skill and speed.
  • Main Street and Market Square: These are the main thoroughfares through which the Grand Parade of floats passes, with the participation of different associations and groups from the town, showing traditional grape harvest scenes and allegorical figures.
  • Local wineries: Various wineries in the area open their doors for guided tours and wine tastings. These visits allow attendees to discover the secrets of winemaking and taste different varieties of wine directly from their producers.
  • Binissalem Cultural Centre: A space for workshops, conferences and exhibitions related to wine culture and the history of viticulture in the region.

La Festa de’s Vermar is an event open to all audiences, from local families to international tourists, making it an ideal time to experience the hospitality and cultural richness of Binissalem. Furthermore, the festival has no entrance fee for most of the activities, although some wine tastings or special events inside the wineries may require payment or prior reservation.

How to get to Binissalem

Binissalem is located in the centre of Mallorca, making it easy to reach from any point on the island. Here we provide detailed information on how to get to Binissalem to enjoy the Festa de’s Vermar, either by public or private transport.

Public transport

  • Train: One of the most comfortable and picturesque ways to get to Binissalem is by train. From Palma de Mallorca train station, there are regular services that take you directly to the heart of Binissalem. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, and trains are frequent, especially during the week of the festival, with extended timetables to accommodate visitors to the festa.
  • Bus: There are also bus lines connecting Palma and other major towns on the island with Binissalem. Buses tend to be less frequent than the train, but offer a viable alternative for those staying in towns from where the train is not a direct option.

Private transport

  • Car: Getting to Binissalem by car is fairly straightforward thanks to Mallorca’s good road network. From Palma, you can take the Ma-13 towards Inca and follow the signs to Binissalem. The journey usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on traffic. During the Festa de’s Vermar, it is advisable to arrive early to find parking, as the town can get quite busy.
  • Bicycle or motorbike: For the more adventurous, travelling to Binissalem by bicycle or motorbike can be an excellent option, especially if you are staying in a nearby town. There are safe and signposted cycle routes connecting different parts of the island with Binissalem.

Parking tips

  • During the Festa de’s Vermar, the centre of Binissalem may be restricted to vehicular traffic, especially near the main squares and avenues where the events take place. It is recommended to use the designated car parks on the outskirts of the town, from where you can easily walk to the centre.

These transport options offer flexibility and convenience for all visitors, ensuring that getting to Binissalem and enjoying the Festa de’s Vermar is a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Festa de's Vermar, grape stomping contest

Programme of events

The Festa de’s Vermar in Binissalem is rich in events and activities celebrating the wine harvest and local culture. Below is the typical programme of events, divided by day, so that visitors can plan their attendance at this vibrant festivity.

Starting day (Friday evening):

  • Official opening: The festival is officially opened with a ceremony in the town square, where local authorities welcome visitors and present the programme of events.
  • Opening concert: The evening often begins with live music, featuring performances by local bands playing everything from traditional Mallorcan music to modern styles.

Main day (Saturday):

  • Grape treading competition: This event takes place in the Plaza de la Iglesia at mid-morning. It is an exciting and participatory spectacle where teams compete to extract the most juice from the grapes using traditional treading methods.
  • Winemaking workshops: During the day, several wineries and community spaces offer workshops where participants learn about winemaking, from harvesting to bottling.
  • Grand parade of floats: Starting in the afternoon, this colourful parade runs through the main streets of Binissalem. Decorated floats, dancers and musicians celebrate the wine culture and history of the region.
  • Wine tasting and gastronomy: In the evenings, the restaurants and wineries in the area offer special menus and wine tasting sessions to enjoy the local flavours.

Closing day (Sunday):

  • Artisan and gastronomic market: Throughout the day, an open-air market takes place in the Market Square, offering local products, handicrafts and gastronomic delights.
  • Cultural shows: Folkloric dance, live music and theatre performances are held in different parts of the village, highlighting Mallorcan traditions.
  • Closing ceremony: The event concludes with a ceremony in the main square, where participants are thanked and the festivities are brought to a close with fireworks.

Specific times and locations:

  • The exact times and locations of each event are published on the Binissalem Town Hall website and in programmes distributed at the town’s tourist information centre. It is advisable to consult these resources upon arrival to confirm the details, as they may vary slightly each year.

This breakdown of activities offers a complete overview of what visitors can expect during the Festa de’s Vermar, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the cultural and festive experience that Binissalem has to offer.

“Fideus de Vermar” dinner

The dinner focuses on “Fideus de Vermar”, a traditional dish made with noodles and old sheep’s meat, known locally as “xot”. This main ingredient gives it a unique and robust flavour, very characteristic and appreciated in Mallorcan cuisine. The preparation in large paella pans over an open fire not only cooks the noodles to perfection, but also becomes a spectacle for the attendees.

The “Fideus de Vermar” dinner is a massive event that gathers more than 16,000 people. During the event, almost all the streets of the village are transformed into open-air dining areas, where locals and visitors gather to share at long tables, enjoying the special dish under the stars. It is a time of great camaraderie and joy, where traditions and good wine are celebrated.

Taules Endiumenjades Contest

In addition to the great dinner, another highlight of the Festa de’s Vermar is the “Concurso de Taules Endiumenjades” This competition involves creative table decoration, where participants – families, friends, and corporate groups – compete to create the most beautifully decorated and vintage-themed table.

Features of the competition:

  • Creativity and theme: Each group decorates their table with elements that reflect the culture of wine and the grape harvest, using everything from natural elements such as grapes and grape leaves, to more elaborate accessories that may include typical elements of winemaking.
  • Prizes: Prizes are awarded for the most creative, best executed tables that best represent the spirit of the Festa de’s Vermar. This adds a fun competitive element to the event.
  • Community: The contest also serves as a way to strengthen community ties and show local pride. It is an opportunity for residents to express their creativity and enjoy friendly competition.

The Taules Endiumenjades contest and the ‘Fideus de Vermar’ dinner are not only gastronomic events, but also celebrations of community and local culture that make the Festa de’s Vermar an unforgettable experience and a true expression of the spirit of Binissalem.’

Gastronomy and wine

One of the highlights of the Festa de’s Vermar in Binissalem is undoubtedly the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite local gastronomy and wines that have made this region famous. During the festival, visitors and locals alike can delight in a variety of activities and events centred on culinary and oenology.

Wine tastings

During the Festa de’s Vermar, the wineries of Binissalem open their doors to the public to offer wine tastings, where you can try the different wines produced in the region. These tastings are usually guided by oenologists and experts who explain the characteristics of each wine, including the vinification process, the grape varieties used and the tasting notes.

Some wineries also offer pairing sessions, where wines are paired with specific foods that enhance their flavour, such as local cheeses, cured meats and other regional products.

Typical dishes available

Binissalem’s gastronomy is characterised by its authenticity and flavour. During the festival, restaurants and food stalls serve traditional Mallorcan dishes, such as frit mallorquí, a tasty mixture of meat, potatoes and vegetables seasoned with local herbs. Other popular dishes include tumbet, a gratin of aubergines, potatoes and peppers, and porcella, roast suckling pig that is a delicacy at special celebrations.

Not to be left out is the presence of tapas and other small dishes that allow visitors to sample a wide variety of local flavours without filling up too quickly.

Recommendations of local restaurants participating in the festival

Restaurant Can Arabí: This establishment is known for its excellent Mediterranean cuisine and for offering traditional Mallorcan dishes. The atmosphere is usually cosy, making it a popular place with both locals and tourists visiting the area.

Celler Sa Vinya: This typical celler offers a rustic atmosphere and a menu that focuses on traditional Mallorcan dishes, perfectly paired with house wines.

Es P’dal: Popular with the locals, this restaurant serves homemade food in a cosy, family atmosphere, with specialities that change according to the season.

During the Festa de’s Vermar, Binissalem not only celebrates its wine heritage, but also offers a window into Mallorca’s rich culinary tradition, making this festival a must-do experience for wine and food lovers.

Tickets and prices for the Festa de’s Vermar

The Festa de’s Vermar in Binissalem is primarily a community event and, as such, many of its events are free to attend, allowing visitors and locals to enjoy the festivities without additional concerns about costs.

There are certain events and activities, especially those related to wine tastings and workshops, which may have a cost associated with them. Here is the ticket and pricing information to help you plan your visit:

Free events

  • Most of the outdoor events, including the Grape Stomp Competition and the Grand Parade of Floats, require no entrance fee and are accessible to the general public.
  • Cultural exhibitions, live music in squares and most folklore shows are also free to attend, offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy local culture without financial barriers.

Costly events

  • Wine tastings: Local wineries offer guided tastings which are usually at a cost. This price can vary from 5 to 20 euros, depending on the winery and the type of wine offered. These tastings often include a selection of wines and a small aperitif or pairing with local produce.
  • Winemaking workshops: For those interested in learning more about winemaking, some workshops may have a small registration fee. This price helps to cover materials and, in some cases, a bottle of wine to take home.
  • Special events: Some activities such as wine pairing dinners or special concerts at wineries may require advance purchase of tickets, also varying in price depending on the exclusivity of the event.

Discounts and special passes

  • During the Festa de’s Vermar, special passes may be offered for those wishing to attend multiple activities at a cost. These passes often offer a significant discount on individual ticket prices and sometimes include extras such as priority access or commemorative gifts.
  • Discounts for groups, families, and local residents are also available in many cases, making participation in paid activities more accessible.

Buying tickets

  • Tickets for paid events can be purchased through the official website of the Festa de’s Vermar, at the Binissalem tourist office or directly at the participating wineries. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance, especially for the wine tastings and workshops, as these events have limited spaces and are very popular.

Planning ahead to budget for the Festa de’s Vermar activities can help ensure a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Although many of the events are free, taking part in some of the exclusive experiences can further enrich your visit to this vibrant Mallorcan festival.

Visitor recommendations

The Festa de’s Vermar in Binissalem is a vibrant celebration that attracts a wide range of visitors, from wine enthusiasts to families looking for a unique cultural experience. To ensure that everyone enjoys their stay and participation in the events to the full, here are some practical recommendations.

Who the festival is aimed at

  • Wine enthusiasts: As Binissalem is known for its wine production, the Festa de’s Vermar is especially appealing to those with an interest in wine and oenology. Wine tastings and workshops offer unique opportunities to learn more about local viticulture.
  • Families: With activities such as the parade of floats and interactive workshops, the festival is also ideal for families. There are events designed to entertain the children while the adults enjoy wine tastings.
  • Culturals and tourists: Those interested in Mallorca’s culture and traditions will find the Festa de’s Vermar a rich representation of local history and heritage.

Precautions to consider

  • Weather: September in Mallorca is usually warm and sunny, but evenings can be cool. It is advisable to wear suitable clothing for temperature changes and sun protection during the day.
  • Crowds: As the Festa de’s Vermar is one of the most popular events in the region, be prepared for large crowds, especially during the main events such as the grape stomping contest and the parade of floats. Keep your belongings safe and consider personal space and mobility needs.
  • Alcohol consumption: With the abundance of wine available, it is important to moderate alcohol consumption, especially if you plan to drive. Take advantage of public transport services or taxis for a safer experience.

Things to bear in mind

  • Restaurant bookings: During the festival, restaurants in Binissalem can fill up quickly, especially those offering special Festa de’s Vermar menus. Booking in advance is highly recommended.
  • Accessibility: If you are travelling with people with reduced mobility, it is important to check the accessibility of the event venues beforehand. Although the town is mostly accessible, some older venues or specific events may present challenges.
  • Tourist information: Take advantage of local resources such as the Binissalem tourist office for maps, up-to-date event schedules and other useful information that can enrich your visit.

By following these recommendations, visitors can maximise their enjoyment of the Festa de’s Vermar, ensuring a festive, educational and memorable experience at one of Mallorca’s most emblematic events.Top of form’

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