Oleotourism: discover the secrets an olive grove holds

The absolute olive oil experience

Mallorca is very special. Since the beginning of 20th century we have welcome visitors attracted by the island’s landscape, weather and traditions. Tourists from all around the globe have visited us and have come back home delighted, telling their relatives all about their experience and enabling new visits.
During the last decades tourism growth has been exponential as well as strongly oriented towards the coast. However, in most cases, this has meant our visitors haven’t learn all about the island’s true spirit, apart from those few people who have inland toured, looking for authentic experiences.

If you are one of them, our farm will be a milestone on your journey. From the kindness of our family, who will be delighted to welcome you as our guest, you will get to know our olive grove, olive oil, cuisine and traditions. You will also learn to easily recognize an extra virgin olive oil of high quality and we will tour you around the farm while we teach you all about the annual cycle of olive, its pressing and ripening and, also allowing you to taste some dishes of our cuisine.

Olive oil tourism

Is the olive oil world a mystery to you? Do you already know something about its culture but have never visited an olive grove? Either way you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit us on your trip to Mallorca.

Content of the farm visit

Miquel Miralles, owner

Do you want to visit our farm?

Scheduled visit to the farm

The visit to our farm transmits, to those who visit us, the history, culture and traditions of the Mallorcan country through the cultivation of olive oil. We have prepared our facilities so that the reception and stay of our guests are perfect, both in the programming of activities and in the times and forms.

Private visit to the farm

We will carry out the visit to the farm including the same activities as in the case of the scheduled visit, but with the privacy you want. In addition, you can choose the day and time you want to do it.

Visit for professionals

This tour is specially designed for groups of visitors accompanied by tourism professionals: DMC’s, tour operators and tour guides, designing the experience for the characteristics of the group. 

If as a tourism professional you want to offer your clients a unique experience in Mallorca, you are in the right place.

Learn to recognize good extra virgin olive oil, the olive cycle and the dishes of Mallorcan cuisine.

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