Almond blossom in Mallorca

The almond blossom in Mallorca is a wonderful spectacle that takes place every year between the end of January and February. At this time a white and pinkish mantle covers the island thanks to the thousands of almond trees scattered throughout its geography.

The landscape of almond blossom

Mallorca is one of the first enclaves in the Mediterranean where the almond tree blossoms, if not the first. This is due to the climatic characteristics of Mallorca. Its temperate climate favors early flowering.

Almond blossoms cover the fields and roads of the island, creating a landscape similar to what we can find in the Jerte Valley or in Japan during the cherry blossom. Its ability to inspire and spirituality attracts photographers, nature lovers and travelers in general.

If you are thinking of visiting Mallorca during the almond blossom, it is important to know that the exact time of flowering can vary from year to year. Generally, the best time to see the almond trees in bloom is during the month of February and early March, although this may vary depending on temperature and weather conditions.

In any case, if you are lucky enough to be in Mallorca during almond blossom, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this natural wonder. There are numerous hiking and cycling routes that will take you through almond blossom fields.

Almond blossom in Mallorca
Almond blossom in Mallorca

The economic importance of the almond blossom

In addition to lending such beauty to the landscape, the almond blossom is also of great importance to the island’s economy, as numerous products are extracted from it that have been consumed by the island’s own residents and exported throughout Europe.

Some of the products extracted from the almond blossom in Mallorca are:

Perfume Flor d’Ametller (Almond blossom)

The most well-known product derived from the almond blossom, inside and outside Mallorca. Its origin is in the perfumes that Mallorcan women used to elaborate in an artisanal way for their own consumption. Perfumes that smelled clean, like a mother.

The picking of the almond blossoms is carried out with all the delicacy to avoid damaging them in the process. Early in the morning, the flowers are harvested and, after a paella with family and friends, the best flowers are selected and preserved in a preparation whose composition is known only to the producing family.

Mallorca is recognized worldwide for its beaches, its cathedral and also for this unique floral fragrance in the world.

More info: Flor d’Ametler

Flor D'ametler fragrance

Almond oil

Almond oil is one of the most valuable products extracted from the almond tree. It is produced by pressing the ripe almonds, but oil can also be obtained from the almond blossom by a distillation process. This oil has moisturizing and emollient properties, making it a popular ingredient in personal care products such as creams, lotions and shampoos.

It is a natural oil that increases skin suppleness and softens roughness. Excellent as a makeup remover, hair mask and in baby hygiene.

More information: Flor d’Ametler.

Almond blossom water

Almond blossom water is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It is obtained by distilling fresh almond blossoms, and is used as a flavoring for desserts, cakes and other sweet dishes. It can also be drunk as an infusion, and is said to have relaxing and calming properties.

Almond blossom honey

Almond blossom honey is a light-colored honey with a mild flavor, which is produced from the nectar of almond blossoms. It is a natural honey highly appreciated for its flavor and medicinal properties, which is packaged without preservatives or artificial coloring.

You can find the almond blossom honey in the various weekly markets found in the villages. If you want, in this link you can know the markets of Mallorca.

Almond blossom liqueur

There are several liqueurs made with almond blossom in Mallorca. This liqueur is made from the maceration of almond blossoms in alcohol and sugar, and has a sweet and aromatic flavor.

Almond nougat

Almond nougats are one of the island’s most popular sweets, which are made from almonds, honey and sugar, and flavored with almond blossom. These turrones are a popular gift to take home as a souvenir of the island.

Almond bread

Almond bread is a typical bread of the island, made from flour, sugar, almonds and essence of almond blossom. It is a sweet bread, perfect for breakfast or snack.

Almond blossom in mallorca
Almond blossom in mallorca

Tips to make the most of your visit to the almond blossom fields


Photography of the almond blossom

. Photographing the almond blossoms in Mallorca is a spectacular experience and there are several ways to do it effectively. Here are some tips:Plan the right time: Almond trees bloom at the end of January in Mallorca. The best time to photograph them is on a sunny day. Try to find a day without clouds and with good lighting to get the most out of your photos.Find the best spots: Most of the almond trees are in the Pla de Mallorca area, so plan your route in advance. There are many fields and roads that are surrounded by almond trees, so do your research and find the best places to photograph.Play with the light: If the sun is too high in the sky, the light may be too harsh to photograph the almond trees. Try to photograph them in the early morning or early afternoon (winter) when the light is softer and warmer.Look for contrast: Almond trees in bloom have a very striking pink color, so try to look for contrasts with other elements in the image. For example, a stone house or a white wall can create an interesting contrast with the almond trees.Beware of overexposure: Almond blossoms can be very bright and it is easy to overexpose the image. Try to avoid burning out the brightest parts of the image and adjust the camera settings if necessary.By following these tips, you will be able to capture the beauty of Mallorca’s almond blossom in a spectacular way. enjoy the experience!

Almond blossom fairs in Mallorca

. Almond Blossom Fair in Cala Millor.Feria de la Flor de Almendro de Son Servera. It is celebrated the first Sunday of February.
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