Gourmet recipe for prawn carpaccio with guacamole and jalapeño oil, prepared by chef José Cortés

The gastronomy of the different countries has unique elements and dishes that provide character and differentiation. But on many occasions, chefs choose to make culinary preparations that perfectly mix the flavors of different worldwide countries. And the dish that we are going to explain next is one of those examples.

The gourmet recipe that we bring on this occasion is a fusion of flavors from Mallorca with Soller prawns and Arbequina variety extra virgin olive oil, and Mexicans with a unique sauce such as guacamole that, despite the fact it has been internationalized, everyone knows who should take the credit for its creation.

In this fusion dish we are going to prepare a very simple prawn carpaccio, to which we will add a fine guacamole and extra virgin olive oil infused with jalapeños, once again demonstrating how simple it is to carry out a haute cuisine culinary technique in which the star ingredient is the olive oil. We hope you enjoy this recipe:


To infused olive oil with jalapeños

100 ml of extra virgin olive oil


For guacamole

1 ripe avocado

¼ small red onion

Lime juice


Flor de sal d’Es Trenc Sri Lanka

To complete the carpaccio

Fresh prawns (5 per person)

Passion fruit


Cherry tomatoes

Pea sprouts

Edible flowers


Kitchen roner (optional)

Vacuum bags

Kitchen cling film

Pastry bag


Jalapeño infused olive oil

First, we will cut the jalapeños into small pieces. Keep in mind that the more you use, the higher the spicy factor will be.

Next, put the extra virgin olive oil and the chopped jalapeños in a vacuum-sealed bag and close it hermetically at approximately 94%.

Then, we’ll cook it in a kitchen roner for 50 minutes at a constant temperature of 60ºC. If you choose bain-marie you’d need to control the temperature.

PRO TIP! To vacuum pack without a machine, place the food in the hermetic bag and close it until leaving an opening of about 2 centimeters. Then, slowly submerge the bag in a container filled with water, leaving the unsealed section outside. The water will apply the necessary pressure on the bag so that the air comes out. Completely close the bag while still in the water and then remove it to cook in a bain-marie.

Prawn carpaccio

To start preparing the carpaccio, we’ll first peel the prawns. We’ll remove the head and then its exoskeleton. Once peeled, we will remove the intestine from the upper part with the help of a knife.

PRO TIP! Prawn heads can be put away and used in fish broths or even in stir-fries or sauces (such as American sauce) to add that umami touch.

Next, on a board we’ll place a transparent film and on top of it the completely clean prawns. We will also cover them with another layer of film and, with the help of a heavy object (the base of a pot, for example), we’ll begin to give them dry blows to flatten them, giving the carpaccio the desired shape, in our case circular.

The result should be a carpaccio about 3 millimeters thick that we’ll take to the freezer for about 5 minutes, wrapped in the same film so that it retains its shape. This way it will also be safe to eat the prawns uncooked.


To make the guacamole, we’ll put the avocado meat in a blender vase together with a piece of chopped red onion, a few drops of lime and a few more drops of Tabasco. We’ll also add a pinch of Flor de sal d’Es Trenc Sri Lanka that has citrus nuances that will enhance the guacamole.

To finish, we will add coriander. Then, to get a creamier and silkier texture, we should use the blender instead of mashing it with a fork. We will introduce he resulting guacamole sauce in a pastry bag to be able to apply it more precisely later.

To served:

To serve, we will place the prawns on a plate and while it tempers we will add the rest of the ingredients. We will start with a few drops of infused extra virgin olive oil with some jalapeños bits (for those who love spicy).

Next, we will cut a passion fruit and add its pulp, since it’s an acid fruit that pairs perfectly with all the flavors of this dish like the olive oil, the avocado and the prawns. This will add to that fusion touch we are looking for.

Then, we will put a few dots of guacamole with the help of the pastry bag, a dot of Flor de sal d’Es Trenc Sri Lanka and a few pieces of salicornia, a seaweed that perfectly complements the flavor of the prawns, and some cherry tomatoes cut in half .

As final touches, we will add some julienne strips of red onion and decorate with some pea sprouts and some edible flower petals. This way we’d finish this fusion recipe with local and Mexican flavors.

Prawn carpaccio with guacamole and jalapeño olive oil
Prawn carpaccio with guacamole and jalapeño olive oil
Conservation olive oil

Extra virgin olive oils according to olive type

Desde la suave y afrutada Arbequina hasta la robusta y picante Picual, cada tipo de aceituna confiere a su aceite características únicas que pueden transformar un plato sencillo en una obra maestra culinaria.

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