Mushroom risotto with olive oil

Olive oil mushroom risotto is a rich and creamy dish that captures the deep, earthy flavours of the mushrooms, complemented by the richness and smoothness of the extra virgin olive oil. This recipe is perfect for an elegant dinner or a comforting lunch.

It is a recipe that requires attention and patience during cooking, but the result is a sophisticated and delicious dish that is sure to impress.


  • 300 g Arborio rice
  • 500 g mixed mushrooms (such as mushrooms, shiitake, and portobello), cleaned and chopped
  • 1 large onion, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 litre vegetable stock
  • 100 ml dry white wine
  • 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 50 g butter
  • 50 g grated Parmesan cheese
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Fresh chopped parsley for garnish


To prepare olive oil mushroom risotto efficiently and get the best results, it is important to have the right utensils. Here are the essentials you will need for this recipe:

  1. Thick-bottomed pot or casserole: It is essential to use a thick-bottomed pot or casserole to cook the risotto. This helps to distribute the heat evenly, preventing the rice from sticking or cooking unevenly.
  2. Large frying pan: You will need a large frying pan to sauté the mushrooms. A non-stick or stainless steel pan works well to get nicely browned mushrooms without sticking.
  3. Wooden spoon: A wooden spoon is ideal for stirring the risotto during cooking. This type of spoon helps to prevent the rice from breaking while stirring and absorbing the liquid.
  4. Spoon: A ladle is necessary to add the hot stock to the rice gradually. This allows you to control the amount of liquid added at each stage and facilitates optimal absorption by the rice.
  5. Cutting board and sharp knife: To prepare the ingredients, you will need a cutting board and a sharp knife to allow you to chop the onion, garlic and cut the mushrooms efficiently and safely.
  6. Cheese grater: A good grater will be useful for grating fresh Parmesan cheese to sprinkle over the risotto before serving.
  7. Measuring cups and spoons: These utensils will help you to accurately measure liquids and solids, ensuring that the proportions of ingredients are correct to achieve the ideal flavour and texture of the risotto.


Mushroom risotto with olive oil
Mushroom risotto with olive oil

Mushroom Risotto with olive oil

Preparing mushroom risotto with olive oil is a process that requires attention and care to ensure that the rice reaches the perfect texture and that the flavours blend harmoniously. Here I guide you step by step to achieve a delicious result:

Prepare the mushroom risotto ingredients.

Carefully clean the mushrooms with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Finely chop the onion and garlic.

Heat the vegetable stock in a saucepan and keep it on a low heat throughout the cooking process of the risotto.

Saute the mushrooms.

Heat half of the olive oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat.

Add the mushrooms and sauté until golden brown and all the liquid has evaporated. This will intensify their flavour.

Reserve a few mushrooms to garnish the dish at the end.

Sauté the base.

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, heat the remaining olive oil and butter over medium heat.

Add the chopped onion and sauté until translucent and tender, about 3-4 minutes.

Stir in the chopped garlic and cook for another minute, until fragrant.

Toast the rice.

Add the Arborio rice to the pan and stir well so that all the grains are well coated with the oil and butter mixture.

Cook for about 2 minutes or until the edges of the grains begin to turn translucent, taking care not to let the garlic or onion burn.

Glaze with wine.

Pour the white wine over the rice and stir constantly until the alcohol has completely evaporated. This will not only prevent the raw taste of the alcohol, but also provide a pleasant acidity that balances the richness of the risotto.

Add the stock gradually.

Start adding the hot stock ladle by ladle, waiting for the liquid to be completely absorbed before adding more. Stir frequently to help release the starches from the rice, which will give the risotto its characteristic creaminess.

Continue this process for about 18-20 minutes until the rice is al dente but still creamy.

Incorporate the mushrooms and add the finishing touches.

When the rice is almost ready, add the sautéed mushrooms and mix gently to distribute them evenly.

Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

Remove from the heat and add the grated Parmesan cheese, stirring well until the cheese has melted and the risotto has a smooth, even texture.


Plating is a crucial stage in the preparation of olive oil mushroom risotto, as good plating can elevate the presentation of the dish and enhance the culinary experience. Here I guide you through the steps to present this risotto in an attractive and appetising way:

Choose the right plate.

Opt for a deep plate or shallow bowl that can comfortably hold the risotto. Neutral coloured plates such as white, black or grey are ideal as they bring out the natural colours of the risotto and mushrooms.

Serving the mushroom risotto.

Use a large spoon to place a generous portion of risotto in the centre of the dish. Don’t squash or spread the risotto too much; instead, allow it to settle naturally to maintain its characteristic creamy texture.

Add the reserved mushrooms.

Delicately place some of the mushrooms you reserved earlier on top of the risotto, focusing visual attention on these ingredients that are not only tasty but also visually appealing.

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

For a glossy finish and an extra touch of flavour, drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil over the risotto just before serving. This not only enriches the flavour, but also adds a touch of luxury and depth to the dish.

Dust with parmesan cheese and parsley.

Add a light layer of grated parmesan cheese over the risotto to add an umami and savoury element to complement the mushrooms.

Sprinkle a little chopped fresh parsley to incorporate a touch of colour and freshness that contrasts with the darker tones of the mushrooms and rice.

Consider additional elements.

If you want to add some extra texture, you can include some toasted pine nuts or slivered almonds which add a nice crunch and complement the smoothness of the risotto.

A few drops of black truffle or truffle oil can be the finishing touch for a truly gourmet dish.


For an even creamier and more intensely flavoured mushroom risotto, you can add a spoonful of crème fraîche or mascarpone at the end of cooking along with the mushrooms. This will give the risotto an extra smooth texture and a delicately rich flavour. Also, be sure to use an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, as its flavour will be prominent in the dish.

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