Treurer obtains the highest score in the Medium Extra Virgin Olive Oil category from the prestigious Iber Oleum Guide

Coinciding with the first harvest in which Treurer produces its Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its own mill, it has obtained the highest score in the Iber Oleum 2023 Guide in the category of Medium EVOOs.

Algaida, 9th March 2023

On February 24th, the results of the Iber Oleum Guide for the 2022/2023 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) tastings, which took place in Seville between February 16th and 19th, were published and Treurer EVOO received 96.80 points, the highest rating in the category of Best Medium EVOOs.
In this eighth edition, the tasters of the Guide analysed more than 200 EVOOs from the different DOs distributed throughout Spain.

This Guide has a prestigious Tasting Panel, with thirteen tasters with national and international recognition, and all of them occupy prominent places in the world of EVOO in areas such as research, teaching, the promotion of olive oil culture. Some of them are jury members of prestigious national and international competitions.

Iber Oleum was founded with the aim of promoting one of the star products with a long tradition in Spain, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Currently, this Guide brings together in a single publication the best EVOOs in Spain, where they are classified annually according to their quality and properties, and has become a reference for the different agents in the EVOO world, both nationally and internationally.

With the generational change at Treurer last year, Miguel Miralles took over the business and they decided to invest in the installation of an advanced technology mill, which was the definitive step for Treurer to be able to have total control of each step of the production of olive oil, from the tree to the final packaging.

For Treurer, this award represents a great recognition of the effort it has been making since its foundation, with the aim of producing an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of highest quality and being a benchmark for Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only in Mallorca, but also in Spain.

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