Awards 2024 to our Treurer oil

First place in the Iberoleum Guide. Medium Fruity.

For the second consecutive year, and with a score of 96.2, the Iberoleum Guide has awarded us first place in the Medium Fruity category.

Premio Iberoleum 2024 Treurer - First place in Medium Fruity
Premio Iberoleum 2024 Treurer – First place in Medium Fruity

The tasting panel of the Iberoleum Guide is made up of experts in the world of olive oil from different sectors such as research, teaching and Regulatory Councils, with Italian tasters of recognised prestige among its ranks.

Since its inception, the Iberoleum Guide has been characterised as a reliable platform for the dissemination of quality Spanish AOVES with international projection.

This year the awards ceremony took place in an incomparable setting, the Alhambra in Granada.

IberOleum 2024 awards ceremony
IberOleum 2024 awards ceremony

Gold medal at NYIOOC

Also, for the second consecutive year, Treurer oil has won a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Oli Treurer, Gold Medal at NYIOOC 2024
Oli Treurer, Gold Medal at NYIOOC 2024

The obtaining of this medal, besides ratifying the quality of Treurer’s oil, supposes a commercial support in the American market as this contest is one of the reference guides when choosing an EVOO for its consumption and commercialisation.

Gold medal in Los Angeles

This year, Treurer oil has obtained a gold medal in Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.

Oli Treurer, Gold Medal Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2024
Oli Treurer, Gold Medal Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2024

Winning this gold medal in this renowned competition is a gateway to the West Coast, so dominated for its own oils, and only accessible for foreign oils of the highest quality.

Raixa Gardens, Majorca

Finca Raixa

Finca Raixa has seen counts, cardinals and nobles pass through its lands, each of them leaving their mark on the estate through renovations and reforms that have shaped its appearance to the present day.

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