Healthy French Toast Recipe

Although we cannot say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day (since they all are), we can say that the way you break your fast in the morning sets an important precedent for the rest of your meals. However, many people find it easier to resort to eating ultra-processed products and industrial pastries for breakfast than opting for real food.

And the truth is that in a matter of minutes you can have a healthy and nutritious breakfast on the table (or to go). It’s even possible to enjoy classic recipes with changes here and there to achieve a much healthier dish. Or in this case, a breakfast that you could enjoy any day of the week without feeling guilty and, especially, knowing that it’s healthy.

Therefore, this time we bring you an adaptation of the classic French toast. An elaboration in which we will replace the sugar with dates and the butter with extra virgin olive oil. In the latter case, as it’s a sweet recipe, we will always recommend the use of the Arbequina variety, since it goes better with this type of elaboration.

The following recipe can be for one or two people depending on how hungry you are in the morning. But what is certain is that these healthy French toasts are going to become one of your family’s favorite breakfasts. A staple dish that you can complement with fruit in the morning to have all the nutritional value and energy you need without resorting to pastries.

Healthy French Toast Ingredients

2 slices of wholemeal or rustic bread

1 egg

60 ml of milk (also vegetable)

1 Tbsp date paste

Extra virgin olive oil

Vanilla seeds


Fruit (we have chosen banana)

Cinnamon powder (to taste)

Process of making healthy French toast

To begin, mix your milk of choice in a deep dish together with the egg and date paste, the seeds of a tip of the vanilla bean and approximately one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

PRO TIP! Date paste is a combination of dates (100 g) and water (approximately 25 ml). You can soak the dates and then blend them with the water to get a paste that is a great substitute for sugar in healthy recipes.

Then dip the slices of rustic bread in this mixture. Turn them over and let them soak up all the liquid.

Meanwhile, in a pan add a generous tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and let it heat over medium heat until you can put the slices of bread completely soaked.

Wait until the bread slices are cooked on one side and flip them over. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on the toasted side and wait until the other is done.

When the toasts are cooked, remove them from the heat and serve them with fruit of your choice and as much cinnamon powder as you like.

We have chosen banana to give breakfast more consistency, but it combines perfectly with acid fruits such as kiwi or red fruits.

You can also choose to add dark chocolate, or some kind of nut butter (almonds, peanuts…) without sugar.

Now is the time to enjoy your nutritious and delicious breakfast to start the morning with energy.

Healthy French Toast
Healthy French Toast
Conservation olive oil

Extra virgin olive oils according to olive type

Desde la suave y afrutada Arbequina hasta la robusta y picante Picual, cada tipo de aceituna confiere a su aceite características únicas que pueden transformar un plato sencillo en una obra maestra culinaria.

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