10 gourmet products from Mallorca

Cuisine lovers will agree that eating is a pleasure and in order to improve any of the main courses is better to include some gourmet product, especially if it’s from somewhere else. However, locating outstanding gastronomic products when you are travelling, requires some prior investigation.

When it comes to the Mediterranean, we can affirm that each country, each region, and each island has excellent products, remarkable gourmet delicacies that can become an extraordinary gastronomic experience. And for this reason, we cannot fail to mention the most outstanding products of Majorcan cuisine, which we know well.

10 gastronomic products of Mallorca that you must try

  1. Sobrasada
  2. Oil cookies
  3. Sea salt
  4. Extra virgin olive oil
  5. Majorcan brown bread
  6. Wine of designation of origin
  7. Almonds
  8. Ensaimada
  9. Coca de patata
  10. Herbal liqueur

1. Sobrasada

With an incomparable flavour, sobrasada is a Majorcan delicacy made with pork, salt, cayenne pepper and paprika. Sweet or salty, this native sort-of-sausage is absolutely exquisite, whether spread on a few crackers or on top traditional brown bread with an additional touch of honey – also from Majorca. But sobrasada can also work as a gourmet ingredient to elevate island’s dishes such as arròs brut, tumbet, frit Mallorquí or the salty buns.

Easy to find in delicatessens, markets and gastronomic spaces, sobrasada has been part of the gastronomic culture of Mallorca since the Middle Ages and is considered the first Spanish cold meat. Isn’t it like taking a bite of history?

2. Oil cookies

Oil cookies? That’s right, the sailors need to bring a nutritious yet durable food to their voyages led to the creation of this product, a cracker that was used as an alternative to bread.

Although now we find more variants of this gourmet Majorcan elaboration, first of all, we should talk about the Quely company, founded in Inca by the Domenech family in the 1970s.

Quelitas, as these salty cookies made with olive oil are also known, still remain the favourites ones among many families in Mallorca. But, today we find another variant in the north of the island – Gori de Muro cookies with rosemary – which are likewise delicious with that aromatic touch.

3. Sea salt

An essential condiment to enhance the flavour of any dish, sea salt is also an ingredient produced in Mallorca. In the island we find a few companies that have embraced a practice started by the Phoenicians.

This sea salt comes from the outstanding Es Trenc salt flats and it’s produced as an unrefined gourmet ingredient as well as with other aromatic ingredient which makes it the perfect condiment to elevate any dish.

Oil, a gourmet product from Mallorca
Oil, a gourmet product from Mallorca

4. Extra virgin olive oil

Truth to be told, you cannot separate olive oil from the Mediterranean diet. The belong to each other. In fact, this golden liquid – especially the one based in Mallorca – is key to the elaboration of pretty much every gastronomic dishes of the island. Extra virgin olive oil, an important intake in your diet due to its healthy properties, is found from Arbequina to Picual olive trees’ varieties, that arrived more than 500 years ago to Mallorca. If you want the best gourmet extra virgin olive oil, look for the ‘Oli de Mallorca’ designation of origin on the bottle.

5. Majorcan brown bread

Basic, simple, but absolutely delicious. Brown bread, or Majorcan peasant bread, is one of the key products in the island, a great side-food to many courses, and the main protagonist of pa amb oli, which is no more no less than bread with olive oil, a well-loved – and quite old – preparation in the Mediterranean.

Pa amb oli is absolutely exceptional along with cheeses and cold meats, but it’s also excellent to pair it sobrasada or, simply, with ramallet’s tomato – an island tomato variety that it’s typically hang –, which is another gourmet product perfect to rub on top of a slide of brown bread. Simply mouth-watering.

6. Wine of designation of origin

Although the production of wine is extensive in Mallorca, today we only find two areas with designation of origin, Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, in which high quality wines are produced, worldwide exported and awarded as exceptional drinks in their category.

In the island we can find autochthonous black grape varieties such as Manto Negro, Callet, Fogoneu and Gorgollassa, as well as white grape varieties such as Prensal, Giró ros and malvasia, all of which give rise to some wonderful wines. So any wine culture lover would be delighted with these productions, but also with the Majorcan winemaking route that not only includes the guided tour, but also these delicious wines’ tasting.

almond, another gourmet product from Mallorca
Almond, another gourmet product from Mallorca

7. Almonds

Rich in fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats, it’s no wonder why almonds are one of the most acclaimed foods in the Mediterranean diet. In Mallorca there are more than four million almond trees, whose quality is recognised worldwide.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that they are one of the main ingredients in some of the most special Majorcan recipes, such as Gató, a moist cake in which the flour is substituted for this nut, which is why it’s not only ideal for gluten intolerant people, but it’s also more nutritious as well as delicious.

Almond is also one of the exquisite flavours of Majorcan typical ice cream. In fact, this island has years of tradition in the elaboration of this frozen dessert, which is why it’s a must try for any visitor, especially during summer, when cold bites are much needed to stay fresh.

On the other hand, during Christmas time, we also find the almond nougat bathed in honey, whose artisanal elaboration dates back hundreds of years. Without a doubt, the perfect gift for visitors in the most festive season.

And although those who travel to Mallorca can only taste some of these dishes in local bars and terraces, the truth is that these nuts are still a great addition to any breakfast, lunch or dinner dish, so it’s always a good idea to bring back home a few packets of almonds.

8. Ensaimada

Breakfast, snack or dessert, ensaimada is one of the jewels of the Majorcan gastronomy. So if you have a sweet tooth make sure you try it, especially in those bakeries that guarantee its excellent preparation. Because although its consumption is not recommended for day to day, it is an indisputably delicious product that deserves all the guarantees of quality.

Ensaimada, whose name comes from the Arabic word for lard – saim – which is part of its elaboration, is by definition a spiral-shaped sweet made of flour, water, sugar and eggs, which can be prepared without any filling, or else, filled with pumpkin strands in syrup, cream, apricot, chocolate, or even sobrasada, for greater – yet occasional –decadent treat.

9. Coca de patata

Another traditional sweet of the island, coca de patata, has its origin in Valldemossa, one of the must-visit villages in Mallorca. This fluffy potato bun that, as the name suggests, is made with cooked potato among other ingredients, is an absolutely irresistible bite.

Perfect for special occasions, this potato bun is tender, light and ideally, can be paired with a hot chocolate in the colder seasons, or an horchata or almond ice cream during summer. A simple yet outstanding dessert to finish any gourmet meal.

10. Herbal liqueur

The green herbal Majorcan liqueur is a concoction traditionally served after a plentiful meal, due to its digestive qualities. Made since the 13th century, this drink in its sweet or dry variety has been the icing on the cake for many locals, perfuming any after-dinner conversations thanks to herbs such as mint, rosemary, fennel and myrtle. The perfect finisher touch as long as you don’t drive afterwards.

Sobrasada, honey, oil crackers, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, brown bread, ramellet tomato, wine, almonds, nougat, ensaimada, potato buns, herbal liqueur… Don’t blame us for cheating when it comes to choosing the top 10 gourmet products from Mallorca. But what can we say? Gastronomic delights are part of our good eating culture so we had to mentioned more than ten, so… bon profit!

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