Mallorca in May, festivals and fairs

Mallorca in May awakens with a renewed vigor that heralds the arrival of summer. The island is immersed in a warm and welcoming climate, ideal for travelers looking to avoid the crowds of the high season.

In this month, Mallorca’s nature is revealed in all its splendor. The fields are dressed in vibrant green and the bustling markets offer the freshest fruits of spring. May is the month when Mallorca shows its most authentic side, a time for leisurely exploration and the enjoyment of time-honored traditions.

Majorca’s weather in May

May in Mallorca is synonymous with bright days and pleasant temperatures that invite you to enjoy the island at its best.

With winter already far away and summer looming on the horizon, the climate is set in perfect balance, with averages ranging between 18°C and 24°C, creating the ideal environment for all kinds of outdoor activities.

The sun shines brightly, bathing the island in a golden light that enhances the beauty of its natural and urban landscapes. Daylight hours are extended, giving visitors more time to discover the still quiet beaches, hiking trails and picturesque villages with their terraces and squares.

In May, the sea breeze becomes a constant companion, refreshing and invigorating, perfect for sailing, water sports or simply enjoying a stroll along the coast. The evenings, still slightly cool, invite pleasant conviviality in the island’s courtyards and gardens, where you can dine under the stars or enjoy a glass of local wine.

Although rainfalls are rare in May, when they occur, they are usually brief and leave behind a clean and renewed atmosphere, enhancing the intense greens of the vegetation and the scent of flowers blooming in every corner.

For travelers arriving in Mallorca in May, it is recommended to include in your luggage versatile clothing suitable for the warm sunny days and cooler evenings, as well as swimsuits for those wishing to take a dip in the still cool waters of the Mediterranean.

This month offers the perfect weather for those who wish to experience the diversity of Mallorca without the extreme temperatures of summer or the uncertainties of winter.

Cala de Mallorca in May

Mallorca’s nature in May

In May, Mallorca undergoes a flower explosion that not only beautifies the landscape, but is also vital for the proliferation of wildlife, providing habitats and food sources for a wide variety of pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.

The island’s wildlife is fully reactivated by the warmer weather. Migratory birds, such as colorful bee-eaters and majestic booted eagles, return to the island, while resident birds, such as European turtle doves and kestrels, begin their breeding season.

It is an ideal time for birdwatching enthusiasts, who can enjoy the sighting of these species in their natural environment.

For nature lovers, May is the perfect time to explore Mallorca’s diverse landscapes.

Hiking is especially rewarding at this time of year; routes such as the Camí de s’Arxiduc offer panoramic views of the coast and inland, passing through ancient olive terraces and dense holm oak groves.

The S’Albufera Natural Park, with its wetlands, is another destination not to be missed, being a haven for hundreds of bird species and a tranquil space for peaceful nature walks.

cycling is another popular activity in May, with ideal temperatures inviting you to ride both coastal and mountain routes. Back roads and greenways are safe and scenic options for cyclists of all levels, and numerous local companies offer bike rentals and guided routes.

For those who prefer a quieter experience, simply walking through the island’s landscapes can be deeply satisfying. Vineyards, olive groves and orchards in bloom provide the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation and connection with the natural environment.

Botanical gardens and rural estates open to the public are also ideal places for those interested in learning more about Mallorca’s endemic flora and agriculture.

In conclusion, May is an inviting month to immerse yourself in Mallorca’s vibrant nature, to appreciate the beauty of its flora and fauna, and to enjoy outdoor activities that rejuvenate the body and spirit.


La “Mostra de La Cuina de Mallorca” es un evento culinario que se celebra en la isla de Mallorca, generalmente en mayo. Esta muestra es una celebración de la rica y variada gastronomía de la isla, brindando a locales y visitantes la oportunidad de explorar y disfrutar de las delicias culinarias mallorquinas.

En las plazas y calles, los visitantes se encuentran con una variedad de stands y puestos que exhiben lo mejor de la gastronomía local. Chefs de renombre y cocineros tradicionales ofrecen degustaciones de platos, permitiendo a los comensales sumergirse en un viaje culinario a través de la historia y la cultura de Mallorca.

La “Mostra de La Cuina de Mallorca” no se limita a la comida. Este evento también ofrece la oportunidad de participar en talleres y demostraciones culinarias, donde chefs expertos comparten sus secretos y técnicas, desde la preparación de platos tradicionales hasta modernas reinterpretaciones de recetas ancestrales.

El festival se acompaña de actividades complementarias como catas de vino, donde los visitantes pueden probar los vinos locales, reconocidos por su calidad y sabor único, producto de la geografía y el clima de la isla. Estas catas suelen ser dirigidas por sommeliers expertos que guían a los participantes a través de las notas y matices de cada vino, complementando perfectamente la experiencia gastronómica.

Festivities in Mallorca in May

May in Mallorca is characterized as a month full of events and festivities that reflect the rich culture and tradition of the island. One of the main attractions are the local fairs, which are held in different towns and cities, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the authenticity of Mallorcan life. These fairs usually include craft markets, exhibitions of agricultural products, livestock shows and demonstrations of ancient crafts.

In the gastronomic field, May is an exceptional month for culinary events. Festivals such as the “Fira del Vi” in Pollença allow attendees to taste and buy local wines, discovering the variety and richness of Mallorcan wines.

In addition, there is no shortage of “Fiestas de Mayo” in Santa Maria del Camí, which include everything from sports competitions to folk dances and open-air concerts. They are an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience first-hand the festive spirit and hospitality of Mallorca’s inhabitants.

May is a vibrant month in Mallorca, filled with events celebrating music, food, history and culture. It is the ideal time for visitors to participate in local festivities and immerse themselves in the traditions that make the island so special and unique.

Costitx in Bloom Fair

In the heart of Mallorca, in the village of Costitx, an event is held annually that captures the essence of spring in all its glory: the “Fira Costitx en Flor”.

This festival, which takes place in May, is a tribute to the explosion of color and life that characterizes this time of year on the island, with a special emphasis on flowering and horticulture.

From the moment you set foot in Costitx during the fair, you are greeted by a dazzling display of colors. The streets and squares of the town are transformed into a tapestry of multicolored flowers, creating a festive atmosphere that attracts visitors both local and from far away. Stalls adorned with flowers and plants, along with local handicrafts, turn the village into a center of celebration and joy.

One of the main attractions of the “Fira Costitx en Flor” are its flower and plant exhibitions. Gardeners, both professionals and amateurs, compete in various categories, showing the diversity and beauty of the Mallorcan flora. Strolling through these exhibitions is an opportunity to admire the variety and splendor of the plants, where each one tells its own story through its vibrant colors and unique shapes.

Beyond the visual beauty, the “Fira Costitx en Flor” is also a center of cultural and educational activities. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in workshops on gardening and plant conservation. These workshops are spaces for learning and discovery, where sustainable gardening techniques are shared and advice is given on the care of native species.

But not everything is gardening and flowers. The fair is also a showcase for Mallorca’s rich gastronomy. Stands offer everything from traditional dishes to refreshing drinks, perfect for enjoying while exploring the fair. And to add even more joy to the atmosphere, live music and performances by folk groups fill the air, creating the perfect backdrop for a day of festivity and fun.

The “Fira Costitx en Flor” is not only a celebration of spring, but also a platform to promote environmental awareness. With information stands of local organizations dedicated to environmental protection, the fair underlines the importance of preserving Mallorca’s biodiversity.

Firó de Soller, Mallorca in May

Es Firó de Soller

“Es Firó de Soller” is one of Mallorca’s most emblematic and vibrant festivities, celebrated in the picturesque town of Soller. The festivity is a spectacular blend of history, culture and celebration, and is an event that attracts crowds of residents and visitors every year.

This festival commemorates a brave battle fought in 1561, when the inhabitants of Sóller repelled an attack by Moorish pirates, sealing a chapter of courage and cunning in the local history book.

As the event approaches, excitement takes over the streets; squares and corners of the town are decked out and the community dresses in period costume, with some embodying the brave Mallorcan defenders and others taking on the role of the fearsome Moorish invaders. The reenactment of the battle is the highlight, a performance full of passion and theatricality that honors the ancestors and preserves the flames of living memory.

The days leading up to the big show are marked by parades that wind through the streets to the rhythm of traditional music, and cultural events that paint the air with the essence of the Mallorcan. Folkloric dances invite everyone to join in, and craft markets showcase the ingenuity and talent of the island’s artisans.

The community of Sóller, the beating heart of “Es Firó”, gives body and soul to the festivity. From the youngest to the oldest, all contribute their grain of sand so that each year, the festival is a mirror of their identity and pride. The schools, in particular, immerse themselves in teaching the history behind the celebration, ensuring that the new generations carry the torch of their traditions high.

“Es Firó de Sóller” is the celebration of an identity, a legacy that every year is renewed and strengthened as one of the most significant and awaited events of the island, a festival where history and culture go hand in hand in a dance that endures over time.

Feria medieval de Capdepera, Mallorca in May

Capdepera Medieval Festival (3rd weekend)

The Capdepera Medieval Fair is a gateway to another time. Every May, this village, guarded by its imposing castle, goes back in time to celebrate its medieval heritage. Visitors find themselves immersed in an atmosphere that evokes the days of the reconquest, with flags fluttering in the wind and banners hanging from ancient stones.

The air is filled with the bustle of merchants advertising their wares in the open-air market, where the aromas of herbs and spices mingle with those of leather and wrought metal. Craftsmen and craftswomen display their skills, working silver and iron as in medieval times, while weavers weave threads into tapestries and garments that seem to have been worn by the nobles of yore.

In the squares, theatrical performances and knightly combat capture everyone’s attention. People flock to watch the brave fighters in tournaments, where the clamor of swords and shields echoes like the battles of a forgotten era.

At night, the fair is transformed under the light of torches and bonfires. Storytellers narrate epics and legends around the fire, while attendees delight in the flavors of medieval gastronomy, tasting stews, roasts and breads that would have been found at noble banquets.

Fira del Vi (Pollença)

Pollença’s “Fira del Vi” is a tribute to the art of winemaking, a sector that has taken root in the fertile Mallorcan soil and has become an emblem of local identity.

Arriving at the fair, one is greeted by the sight of elegant stands, each housing wine that encapsulates the spirit of the land and the efforts of its producers.

Visitors, armed with glasses, stroll among the stalls, tasting and discovering the nuances of each wine, guided by connoisseurs who tell the stories behind each vintage.

The “Fira del Vi” welcomes entire families. There are activities for the little ones, who are entertained with games and workshops, while adults explore the world of wine with pleasure.

With each edition, Pollença’s “Fira del Vi” not only attracts island residents, but also captures the imagination of visitors from distant lands, eager to immerse themselves in Mallorca’s wine culture. It is an event that reflects the hospitality and pride of Pollença, a town that each year opens its doors and offers in every glass a story, a tradition and an invitation to return.

Spring festivities in Manacor

In full spring, the town of Manacor is transformed into a scene of celebration and joy. The Manacor Spring Festival is an annual event that becomes the epicenter of the island’s culture and tradition, inviting locals and visitors to share in the exuberance of the liveliest season of the year.

The streets of Manacor, adorned with garlands of fresh flowers and bunting, pulsate with the vibrancy of music and the anticipation of the festivities that are about to begin.

The heart of the festivities is dance and music. The cossiers, dressed in traditional costumes, dance to the rhythm of ancestral melodies, while on improvised stages, bands and artists of all kinds offer their art, turning every corner of Manacor into a celebration of life and the rebirth that spring brings.

The Fiestas de la Primavera are also a time to honor the island’s agricultural traditions. Farmers proudly display the fruits of their labor in the fields, offering tastings of local products and sharing their knowledge of the land and its crops. It is a time to recognize and celebrate the cycle of life that renews itself, a principle as old as the land itself.

Stone and craft fair (Binissalem)

Binissalem is known for its stone and its wines. There, the Feria de la piedra y artesanía is held every May, an event that is both a tribute to ancient traditions and a showcase for current local talent.

During this festival, the streets become an open-air museum, where master stonemasons and artisans showcase their skills live, sculpting and shaping the emblematic Binissalem stone before the astonished eyes of visitors.

From dawn to dusk, the sound of chisel against stone echoes through the air, in harmony with the folk melodies played by local musicians. Visitors wander among the market stalls, admiring the delicate handicrafts ranging from handmade jewelry to intricate leatherwork and pottery.

Interactive workshops invite children and adults to get their hands on stone, learning from experts how to shape the raw material that has built both the island’s architecture and history.

The fair is also an opportunity to sample the region’s famous wines, with tastings that allow you to discover the complexity and depth of the wines produced in the fertile lands surrounding the village.

Be Palma, gastronomy and local produce fair

When spring is at its peak, “Be Palma” is held, an event that captures the essence of urban life and creativity on the island. This unique experience, which comes to life in the sun-drenched streets of the city, is an invitation to explore the cultural, artistic and gastronomic richness of the capital.

The event extends over several days in May, transforming Palma into a hive of activity and cultural effervescence. Visitors are greeted by the melodies of local musicians, while street performers fill the Parc de la Mar with their vibrant colors and live forms before an enchanted audience.

As night falls, the city lights up with a magical atmosphere. Attendees enjoy outdoor concerts, where musical genres vary from smooth jazz to more contemporary rhythms that invite dancing.

May Fairs: Campanet, Campos, Felanitx, Sineu, Lloret de Vistalegre, Ses Salines, Sóller

May in Mallorca is a vibrant month, marked by a series of fairs in different towns, each with its unique charm and tradition. These fairs are a living sample of the island’s culture and tradition, offering an authentic experience for locals and visitors alike. Here is a description of the fairs held in Campanet, Campos, Felanitx, Sineu, Lloret de Vistalegre and Ses Salines:

  1. Campanet fair: The Campanet fair is known for its focus on local crafts and agriculture. This event attracts artisans from all over the island who exhibit and sell handmade products, from pottery to textiles. It’s also an opportunity to sample local products such as wine and cheese.
  2. Fair.
  3. Feria de Campos: In Campos, the fair focuses on agriculture and livestock. Here, visitors can see exhibitions of agricultural machinery, farm animals and demonstrations of traditional farming techniques. It is an ideal event for those interested in Mallorca’s rural lifestyle.
  4. Felanitx Fair: Felanitx hosts a fair celebrating its wine heritage. This region, known for its wines, offers tastings and sales of local wines. In addition, there are cultural events, such as live music and traditional dances.
  5. Sineu Fair: The Sineu fair is perhaps one of the most famous, particularly for its livestock market, one of the few remaining in Europe. In addition to the market, there are food stands, handicrafts and activities for the whole family.
  6. Fair of Lloret de Vistalegre: Lloret de Vistalegre organizes a fair that stands out for its intimate and authentic atmosphere. Here the local culture is celebrated with a variety of artisan and gastronomic products, music and traditional dances.
  7. Fair of Lloret de Vistalegre.
  8. Ses Salines Fair: In Ses Salines, the fair focuses on salt, an important product in the island’s history. Visitors can learn about salt production and explore related products, such as cosmetics and foods seasoned with local salt.

Common Features:

  • Local products: All of these fairs offer the opportunity to buy local products directly from producers, from food to handicrafts.
  • Cultural activities: Each fair includes a variety of cultural activities, such as live music, folkloric dances and workshops.
  • Gastronomic experiences: Food is an essential component of these fairs, with stalls offering traditional dishes and local delicacies.
  • Family atmosphere: These events are suitable for all ages, with activities and entertainment for children and adults alike.

These May fairs in Mallorca not only celebrate the diversity and richness of the island’s culture, but also offer visitors a wonderful way to experience local life and traditions.

Wine and Cheese Fair (Estellencs)

In the peaceful village of Estellencs, located in the foothills of the imposing Tramuntana mountain range, an event is held annually that is the delight of the most demanding palates: the “Fira del Vino y el Queso” (Wine and Cheese Fair). This festival, which takes place in May, is an ode to two of the most emblematic products of Mallorca, where tradition and exquisiteness go hand in hand.

Walking into the heart of Estellencs during the fair, one encounters a panorama of carefully decorated stores and stalls, displaying artisanal cheeses and bottles of wine that are the very essence of local gastronomy. The normally quiet village square bustles with the activity of locals and visitors mingling in a dance of culinary discovery.

Local producers, proud of their work, offer samples of cheeses ranging from tender and creamy to aged and robust, each with its own history, each with its own character.

Alongside, red, white and rosé wines, the product of the sun and the Mallorcan soil, are presented to complement and elevate the flavors of the cheeses.

Snail fair (Sant Jordi)

The small village of Sant Jordi transforms every May into a bustling scene of celebration and culinary tradition with its well-known Snail Fair (Fira de’s caragol). This annual event is an ode to a humble but revered ingredient, the snail, which becomes the king of the party.

With the awakening of spring, the streets of Sant Jordi are filled with life and color. The aromas of traditional stews permeate the air, drawing locals and visitors alike to the stalls and open-air kitchens where the snails are carefully prepared. People gather around the tables to taste this delicacy, cooked in a variety of styles, from the traditional caracoles a la llauna to more innovative recipes that surprise the most adventurous palates.

The snails, carefully collected from nearby fields, are cooked in aromatic broths with local herbs and spices. The event is not only a gastronomic fair, but also a moment of union and community celebration. Entire families, groups of friends and visitors from all over mingle in an atmosphere of festivity and joy.

Apart from the gastronomy, the Caracol Fair is a showcase of the culture and traditions of Sant Joan. Live music, folkloric dances and craft workshops add to the joy of the festival, while children run and play, enjoying the activities designed especially for them. It is a unique opportunity to experience the hospitality and pride of a community that celebrates its heritage with every dish served and every song played.

The Caracol Fair in Sant Jordi is not only a gastronomic event, but a living expression of Mallorcan culture, where the taste of tradition and community spirit merge into an unforgettable experience.

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