Vacations in Mallorca. Seven days to get to know the island on your first visit.

Mallorca is an island full of tourist attractions, with a great number of places to visit and experiences to live. In seven days, we can get to know some of the most emblematic places and discover other less known but equally impressive corners.

We have created a seven-day tour designed specifically for your first vacation in Mallorca. You will need to have a vehicle for your travels. Doing it in an electric vehicle will help to keep the environment clean of emissions. Remember that in our hotel you have charging points for electric vehicles!


Vacaciones en Mallorca, visitando La Lonja de Palma

Day 1: Palma de Mallorca

We start the route in the capital of Mallorca, Palma. We can tour the historic center and visit the Cathedral, an impressive work of Gothic architecture that dominates the skyline of the city. We can also visit the Palacio de la Almudaina and La Lonja, two historic buildings that are true architectural gems. At noon we can have lunch in one of the restaurants in the La Lonja neighborhood, an area with a great daytime and nighttime atmosphere.

In the afternoon, and if the heat allows, we can add a visit to the Castillo de Bellver, an impressive medieval fortress located on the outskirts of the city, with stunning views of the bay of Palma.

Day 2: Valley and bay of Sóller

The second day is dedicated to visit the Valley and Bay of Sóller. We recommend, on this occasion, to use the train that departs from the capital, Palma, traveling one of the most beautiful railway routes in Europe in a train from the end of the eighteenth century.

Once in Sóller, we can tour the historic center and visit the modernist church of Sant Bartomeu, an impressive building from the early twentieth century. Afterwards, we can travel the route between Sóller and the Port of Sóller by streetcar, a unique experience that will allow us to enjoy the views of the bay.

We can also add a visit to the Botanical Garden of Sóller, a beautiful garden with a wide variety of local and exotic plants.

Vacaciones en Mallorca, visitando Son Marroig

Day 3: Serra de Tramuntana

The third day will be devoted to the Serra de Tramuntana, an impressive mountain range that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Valldemosa we can visit what was a Trappist monastery and where Chopin and George Sand stayed in order for Chopin to recover from the respiratory ailments that afflicted him and that would later be the reason for the end of his days.

During his stay in Mallorca, Chopin composed mainly works for piano, among which stand out:

  • Preludes, Op. 28: a set of 24 short pieces for piano, each in a different key.
  • Barcarolle, Op. 60: a piano piece in which Chopin evokes the rhythm and movement of a boat.
  • Scherzo No. 60: a piano piece in which Chopin evokes the rhythm and movement of a boat.
  • Scherzo No. 4, Op. 54: a piano piece in which Chopin explores the contrast between fast and slow sections.
  • Scherzo No. 4, Op. 54.
  • Piano sonata No. 3, Op. 58: a sonata in four movements that is considered one of Chopin’s masterpieces.

In addition to these works, Chopin also worked on some compositions that he never finished, such as an opera in Spanish based on Calderón de la Barca’s La fuerza del sino. During his stay in Mallorca, Chopin also wrote numerous letters to his friends and family, in which he described his daily life on the island and shared his thoughts and feelings about his life and music.

On the way out of Valldemosa towards Deià, we find Son Marroig, palace of Archduke Luis Salvador of Habsburg, a character intimately linked to the island and, specifically, to the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Thanks to the Archduke’s presence on our island, the Austro-Hungarian Empress Elisabeth (known as “Sissí”) visited Mallorca on several occasions during the second half of the 19th century.

In 1867, Sisi visited Mallorca for the first time, together with her husband, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. The couple arrived on the island on the imperial yacht, and spent several days in Palma de Mallorca, where they visited the Cathedral of Palma and other places of interest. They also made an excursion to Sóller, on the northwest coast of the island, to enjoy the scenery and tranquility of the place.

In 1872, Sissí returned to Mallorca, but this time she traveled alone and with a different purpose: to seek relief from her health problems. She settled in the Marivent Palace, which had been ceded by the Palma City Council, and spent several months on the island, exploring its beaches, landscapes and customs. During her stay, Sissí also made several excursions around the island and became interested in Mallorcan traditions and culture.

Sisi’s presence in Mallorca had a great impact on the island, as it helped to promote it as a renowned tourist and cultural destination. In addition, the Austro-Hungarian empress fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the island, and wrote several poems and texts about her experiences there.

Following the road, we will reach Deià. Deià is a small town on the island of Mallorca that has attracted artists and creatives from all over the world. Some of the famous artists related to Deià, Mallorca are:

  • Robert Graves: British writer and poet who lived in Deià for over 50 years and is best known for his work I, Claudius.
  • Anaïs Nin: French writer and diarist who visited Deià on several occasions and wrote about the beauty of the landscape and the tranquility of the place.
  • Mati Klarwein: German painter who lived in Deià and is known for his illustrations of music album covers, such as Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: British composer famous for being the author of works such as Evita or Jesus Christ Superstar, has a house in Deià and has used the place as inspiration for some of his works.
  • Richard Branson: British businessman and founder of the Virgin group, owner of a hotel in Deià.
  • Mick Jagger: singer and songwriter of the Rolling Stones who has visited Deià on several occasions.
  • Mike Oldfield: British musician who lived in Deià and composed his album Ommadawn while he was there.
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones : two other famous artists who are related to Deià, Mallorca. The couple have a house in the area (S’Estaca) and have been spotted in the town on several occasions. In addition, they have spoken publicly about their love for Mallorca and the natural beauty of the island. Michael Douglas has even been named Honorary Ambassador of the Mallorca Brand for his contribution to the tourist promotion of the island. Thank you for your correction.

Deià is home to numerous international restaurants. Having lunch on the terraces overlooking the valley hidden at the back while the sun caresses you is a moment you will never forget.

Vacaciones en Mallorca, día de compras

Day 4: Shopping in Palma

The fourth day of your vacation in Mallorca is dedicated to shopping in Palma Mallorca. We will walk along the Paseo del Borne (or Born), where the stores of famous designers are located. Around it we will find the Calle Jaume III, where the small luxury local commerce meets, and the barrio de Santa Creu, especially the Calle San Felio, where numerous boutiques, art galleries and restaurants have been located.

In addition, we can add a visit to the Santa Catalina Market, a traditional market where we will find local products and handicrafts. You should start your tour here if you are interested in visiting it, as it closes at noon.

Day 5: Formentor Beach

The fifth day we dedicate to visit the beach of Formentor. We can enjoy a day at the beach, go kayaking or take a boat trip to discover the impressive coves and cliffs that surround the area (in this case, you must depart from Puerto de Alcudia).

In addition, we can visit the Hotel Formentor, an iconic luxury hotel. During the 1950s, the hotel became a meeting place for some of the brightest minds of the time, who gathered in its gardens and terraces to exchange ideas and discuss politics, culture and society. These informal gatherings were known as “tertulias del Formentor” and attracted some of the most influential personalities of the time.

Among those attending the tertulias at the Hotel Formentor were writers such as Ernest Hemingway, Graham Greene, Anaïs Nin and Truman Capote, artists such as Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, and politicians such as Adenauer and Willy Brandt. It is also said that King Juan Carlos I of Spain, who was then Prince of Asturias, used to visit the hotel and participate in the gatherings.

During these gatherings, participants would talk about a wide variety of topics, from international politics to literature and art. It is said that these gatherings had a great impact on the culture and society of the time, and helped establish Mallorca as a renowned cultural and tourist destination.

At sunset, we can visit the Faro de Formentor to watch the sunset. Its orientation and the high cliffs make this moment of the day a magical moment in your vacations in Mallorca.

In addition, we can add a visit to the Torre des Canyamel, a 13th century watchtower located on a hill near the beach of Formentor.

Day 6: Route along the Llevant de Mallorca

The sixth day is dedicated to a route through the Llevant de Mallorca. We can start by visiting the virgin beaches of Trenc, where we can enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of this area. Afterwards, we can have lunch in the bohemian village of Ses Salines, where we will find restaurants with a lot of local flavor. Afterwards, we can visit Porto Colom and Porto Cristo, two charming coastal towns.

There is a theory that suggests that Columbus may have been born in this area of Mallorca.

This theory is based on several arguments, including the existence of a Columbus (Colom) lineage on the island, as well as the presence of documents suggesting that Columbus’ original name may have been Joan Colom, a frequent surname on the island.

In addition, some historians have found similarities between the Mallorcan dialect and the Spanish spoken by Columbus, which could indicate that he spent part of his life on the island.

Day 7: Villages of Pla de Mallorca

The last day of your vacation in Mallorca is dedicated to visit other villages of Pla de Mallorca. We can walk the Windmill Route, visiting some of the most impressive windmills on the island. Afterwards, we can consult the weekly calendar of markets to visit some of them and buy handicrafts.

Arriving at noon we can reach Sineu. Upon arrival we will be struck by the fact that such a small town contains buildings of stately architecture. The reason for this is that Sineu was the capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca, a kingdom born after the death of Jaume I and which included the Balearic Islands and possessions in northern Catalonia and southern France (Roussillon, Cerdanya and Montpellier).

We will find several restaurants in the village, known as celleres, where we will taste typical food of the island.

Mallorca is an island full of tourist attractions worth visiting. With this seven-day route for your vacations in Mallorca, you will get to know some of the most emblematic places and discover other less known but equally impressive corners. Come back to continue discovering all that this wonderful island has to offer!

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